A Man. A Plan. No Panama.

I have decided on my poker plan for May and June. The plane flights and hotel rooms are booked. The only thing left is to decide whether or not I will sell any action or accept any swaps. That is an even tougher decision than deciding what to play. More on that later.

The first plan is to play this weekend’s $1,000 NLHE tournament. This one will be a “how do I feel on the day of the event” thing since it is here in Austin. I also have a chance to win my way into the tournament with a satellite. I played the last $1,000 tournament after I won a satellite ticket. I played a satellite for this one last Friday but it did not go well. I can try again tonight or tomorrow night if I am feeling lucky.

Next on the calendar is the WSOP Circuit Event in New Orleans. Here I will play the first Senior’s Event and the PLO Ring Event. I have played both of these before and final tabled the Senior’s the last time I played it. Of course the cash games can be juicy during the WSOP and so I will be looking at the PLO and various limit games as well.

Finally there is the WSOP in Las Vegas. This year’s trip will be on the brief side but it could be epic. The action will center around 2 or 3 tournaments. First up is the one day $1,100 Big O tournament at Planet Hollywood. I cashed in my only other Big O tournament and this is my favorite game to play (cash or tournament) and so this should be a hoot. Next up is Event 35 Mixed Omaha at the WSOP. This is the tournament where I took 9th place last year. It would be fantastic to improve on that this time around. Just in case I fall short of that, I can jump into Event 36 which is the SuperSenior’s NLHE Event. This year they lowered the age for this to 60 and so I qualify. I expect to have a significant edge in this one if I happen to play it.

So that is the plan. Now I need to decide on whether or not to sell action. It is a tough call. On the one hand I have had a number of people ask me for some of my action and I would like to oblige them. On the other side I don’t really need the money as well as the hassle of dealing with lots of additional tax forms if I win. On the other other hand it would be nice to build up a staking track record so that I would be in position to sell some action for the main event either later this year or, more likely, in 2019 or 2020. On the other other other hand I think that I play better when I don’t have to consider my backers when playing. I am more likely to go with my gut in a big spot and, in my experience, that is usually the right way to proceed.

I will leave it there as I ponder my options.

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