The Plan Advances

I decided to try the satellite on Thursday but it did not go well. There was a maniac two seats to my right at my table and while I played him like a drum in spots and built a nice stack, ultimately the high variance caught up with me.

I decided to try the final satellite on Friday but with the new intention of only playing the $1,000 if I won my ticket. This time things went very well from the very first hand where I turned a J with AJs to take the stack of a guy with a pocket pair of 9s. From there I built a strong image and picked up a lot of free pots both preflop and after C bets. Some situations went well for me and at the first break I was near the chip lead.

With 15 minute blinds and after losing a big flip (JJ<AT) and misplaying a pair of fours that I should have folded, my stack dwindled. I made it to the final table but with only 6BB which was the short stack for the final 10. This was a problem since only 7 seats were being awarded.

I managed to find a good spot to shove light with Q9s and get through. I also bet out against a small stack with A9s and surprisingly he folded pre. I faced a raise in the big blind with 7s. I didn’t like the shove option and hated to fold something that good. Then I realized that a stop and go was possible since I was up against a middle sized stack and so I called. The flop was K82 rainbow and so I had hold my nose and shove hoping he had AQ or a middle pair and, lo and behold, he folded.

One final play sealed the deal for me. The biggest stack opened the betting on my next button. With 2 covering stacks in the blinds I folded 9s preflop and, as it turns out, avoided a bad runout that would have ruined my chances for a ticket.

I ended up in 5th place and am excited to play today’s tournament. This will be my first Hendon Mob listed tournament of 2018 and I would love to earn my first 2018 listing since doing so would also put me in the black for the year.

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