Quick Updates

I am on the verge of leaving for my New Orleans trip but I need to do a couple of updates before I pack up and go. On Tuesday I played a Limit Omaha8/ Limit Stud8 tournament at the Lodge Poker Club. While this club is all the way up in Round Rock, their selection of games and tournaments is first rate as long as you avoid the “freeroll” and “cheap” tournament events which are actually crap shoots where it is difficult to overcome the hourly club access rate in the long run.

In the O8/Stud8 I was short stacked most of the night but kept making good runs to keep getting back to average stack. I also hit two magical rivers to keep my tournament hopes alive at various points. I was surprised to make the final table and actually ended up in 6th place. Sadly only 4 spots were paid and I didn’t really ever develop a significant chance of cashing. Still I had fun since those games take me back to the early days of my poker career.

I was back at the Lodge last night for a $80 NLHE freezeout. This one went quite well. I got a stack going and controlled the table well except for one LAG who bet preflop almost 50% of the time. I was able to fight back against the LAG (with and without cards) and built up a chip leading stack.

With 12 player left out of 44 I was in the BB when UTG+1 went all in for 38 BB. The LAG I mentioned above was to his left and he went all in for 68 BB. It folded to me where I was sitting with 88 BB and I looked down at pocket queens!

My first reaction was to call but I decided to take my time and analyze the situation. Eventually I decided that I was very possibly behind and, in any event, didn’t need to gamble this many BBs here when I was controlling the action pretty well anyway. I folded pre and discovered that the UTG+1 player has pocket 10s while the LAG had pocket aces! I had made the correct call which made me feel great even though a Q showed up on the flop. I am a proponent of ‘Quantum Poker’ so I know if I had called their would have been a totally different flop, turn and river and so I need not dwell on that particular runout.

I easily made the final table and the money but lost a few hands towards the end and had to settle for 4th place. Still that was a nice prize of over $500 which means I can afford a tournament rebuy if I need to do that in the Senior’s or the PLO tournaments this weekend. If I don’t need a rebuy then I can use the money to take a shot at the PLO table assuming it is playing normal 5/10 and not the crazy straddling that you sometimes see there. Can’t wait!

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