New Orleans in a Nutshell

I will circle back and add more depth later but here is a quick summary of my New Orleans poker trip. I started with the $250 Senior’s Event and I managed to bust out, rebuy and bust again. Lots of second best hands was the problem. I also played the $135 nightly and though I went pretty deep, I missed the money. I capped off the night with a little PLO cash but that also went south and so I managed to blast off just under $1K for the day. It happens.

On Day 2 I started with some NLHE 1/3 cash while I waited for the PLO tournament. I generally hate NLHE cash but there were no other choices at that time. This time I managed to book a double up and that was quite welcome. The PLO tournament went pretty well and I managed to get into a spot where I had the nut straight all in after the turn against two players. Any black card would give me the pot and a huge chip stack but a red card would give one or the other of my opponent a flush. It came red and I was out. After some down time I was ready to rebuy and this time things went better. I managed to cash and, as is my pattern for Omaha tournaments, went out in a blaze of glory with good equity in a huge pot. Again it was not to be but at least the cash was good enough for my first Hendon Mob score of 2018.

The next day I burned off some chips in a NLHE cash game and then played the $250 bounty tournament. That went extremely well. I cracked aces twice in the course of winning 9.5 bounties (worth $50 each) and also taking 6th place overall. With one day of action left I was only down about $250.

With no other options available I sat down with $250 at a NLHE cash game. My AQ lost to a runner runner flush after a Q high rainbow flop and that was that. I decided to try once more for $200 and managed to win a few hands to run it up to $320 or so when I got KK under the gun. I bet $15 and got 3 callers before the button raised it to $105. I went all in and it folded back to the button who did not snap call. After a long think contemplating my $215 reraise he called with AQ suited. The flop was rainbow KT6 and it looked like I had a hammer lock on the hand and had thereby salvaged my trip. However my joy was premature as runner runner hearts gave my opponent a winning flush.

Losing $700 for the trip stung a bit considering the way things ended however my play overall was pretty decent and I had fun despite the bad breaks here and there. I also earned the Hendon Mob listing I needed for 2018 and so that won’t be hanging over my head when I hit Las Vegas in June. I will try to go over a few more hands from this trip in a later blog including my exclusive tips for playing bounty tournaments correctly.

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